What is New Media?

To fully understand how media and journalism are changing, one must understand what New Media are. One definition states:

 “New Media are outlets and content that use digital technologies to deliver and advance messages typically in a way that allows for participation and collaboration.”

A slightly easier way of understanding new media is looking at it like this:

New Media Are:

Global Connectedness
Digital/Current Technology
Anytime/Anywhere Content

Essentially, New Media create an environment where most digital media is subjective, manipulatable, interactive, and networkable. It is constantly changing and developing, and inviting audiences to become users and producers. Another blog post will be dedicated to the effect of Participatory Culture on journalism, but for now it is crucial to understand how New Media has turned all kinds of media from something observable, into something interactive. TV programs now invite audiences to Tweet responses to be shown on screen; magazines and newspapers can be found on one’s doorstep and online that invite comments.

Journalists are now constantly linked in, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media. Stories are constantly being shared through different platforms, inviting anybody to write them, publish them, and comment on them.

This new world of information sharing is creating an environment where anybody can be a self-published journalist. New Media has been associated with the adage “the shrinking of the world,” but the world of information-sharing is growing substantially. Everybody wants a piece of the news, and now has the opportunity to be part of creating it. Blogs are free and easy to start, and companies are more than ready to hire people to write for them.

What does this mean for the future of ethical journalism? More to come in a future post.


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